Please do not ask me be silent, allow me to breathe (7)


As I was sitting, waiting for the studio to be set up for an interview with Al-Ayoun TV, my phone rang ... Good news!!!


At that moment in the distant camps, I had a baby girl.. I had a daughter with my four sons. I found an opportunity to confirm the authenticity of my message.

So I announced on the television that I had named my only daughter, who was born a few moments ago in the camps, as Lalla Maryam..and I said that I named her after our honorable cousin, Princess Lalla Maryam, sister of His Majesty King Mohammed VI..


Maryam, who was just born, became the youngest traitress in our camp !!!! A shame to the clan and the tribe !!! Thank God we were no longer in the era of female infanticide, otherwise my only daughter would have been the first victim ..


They did not let them celebrate... and I was far away ... Yesterday they made her poor orphan mother a widow, when they announced in their gatherings that her husband was a traitor and deserving of execution ... and today the priests of the temple forbid her to celebrate having a daughter.. because her father named her Maryam.


Maryam, born yesterday, became a cause.


A week later, the naming party would be held, as is the Sahara custom… A week later, it will be a court trial, not a party.. We will not accept naming her Maryam, so screamed an angry crowd outside the house, at the command of the temple’s priests. The priests refused to let me call my daughter as I wished..


What would you leave for me if you also had to choose my daughter's name for me?  or  was the one who forgot that you chose for me my life when you liberated me? You chose for me the colors of my clothes, my food, my drink, my school, my cursus and my job..and I forgot to wait for you to choose for me my wife.


The priests chose for my daughter the name “al-Raabub'' to be registered in the civil records..  I met my daughter after she learned to walk, and I called her Maryam.. She cried because her father did not know her. She is “al-Raabub”  And I called her Maryam!!!


The story continues.


Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud is a former police chief of the Polisario Front, and political dissident.