Please do not ask me to be silent. Allow me to breathe (13)

We started discussing the charges against me one by one:


1- Desertion to the enemy. We debated the definition of the term desertion. 

I said that it does not apply to the actions that I have taken. I went on a normal trip, like all human beings, with a passport, and I requested an entry visa from the Moroccan consulate in Nouadhibou as everyone else. When I got the visa, I rented a seat in a taxi from the Mauritanian city of Nouadhibou to Laayoune, and from there to Smara, where my father lives. I did not escape, but it was a normal trip, I visited my father whom I did not consider an enemy.

If you consider my trip a crime, and you are the one responsible for leading the public prosecution, then I tell you that my two younger brothers went with me on the same trip and they returned before me to the camps. These two criminals should now be at my mother's house, which is not more than one kilometer away from us or less. You can send some soldiers to check. There are also hundreds of young men who went back that year to Morocco, some of them returned to the camps. The agent replied that he was aware of all these, so I told him, excuse me sir but you are admitting to me that you have committed the crime of covering up criminal acts.


2- Colluding with the enemy: What is your evidence of collusion with the enemy?


Prosecutor: You revealed in the press interview with the journalist Salik Rahal on Laayoune TV,  that there are more than 20 thousands from your own tribe in the camps, and that there are officials at the front with no more than 5000 relatives present with them in the camps, some less than a thousand. This statement is considered a crime of collusion and leakage of confidential information threatening the security of the SADR.


Me: Praise be to God that the charges decreased by one. We have now known that collusion and information leakage are one crime, and if what you said is considered a crime, then consider it premeditated. Just do not forget that if a trial takes place, you will be representing the prosecution and you will say in your plead in front of the Sahrawis before the world that I am a criminal because I said that my tribe are the majority in the camps. I repeat my insistence on this offense. Before I sign the interrogation report, I want you to be accurate in your wording, so I ask you to reformulate the accusation and write: “By saying in the press interview that.... you have committed the crime of ....”


3- Leaking confidential information affecting the security of the SADR to the enemy. That is no longer a separate crime.


4- Harming the morale of the Sahrawi army.


Prosecutor: You said in your interview with Salik Rahal that the young people who flee to Morocco are brave, this is considered harmful to the morale of the army.


Me: Excuse me Sir, because I was not in the army and I do not know what lifts or lowers the morale, but you mentioned my statement truncated and taken out of its context.

I consider all Sahrawis brave. I have said that the young men who joined Morocco through the defensive belts are courageous. They are even the epitome of courage, as we claim that the Moroccan belt contains mines and barbed wire. Not only this, behind it is the monster Morocco!!!! Isn’t it more than bravery?

Also, just as the previous crime, I admit that I premeditatedly said that the sons of the Sahrawi are brave.


5- Violating national unity.


Prosecutor: You said in your interview with Salik Rahal that national unity is at the expense of your own tribe and this is considered a prejudice to unity.


Me: I do not specifically remember the phrase that you said but I take responsibility for every word I said on that statement and I confirm it.


6- Serving the enemy


Prosecutor: You said that you believe in the autonomy option proposed by Morocco and that you are ready to defend it, this is considered a crime of collaboration to serve the enemy.


Me: I also insist that I still believe that the autonomy option is the most appropriate solution to the Saharan issue.


He signed and so did I…


Darn it, Salik Rahal, I did not know you were an entire chapter from the SADR penal code... 


The story continues..


Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud is a former police chief of the Polisario Front, and political dissident.