Please do not ask me to be silent. Allow me to breathe (17-B)

The Polisario had announced days ago, in a statement received by international news agencies on October 6, that it released me. Since I had no contact with the outside world, I did not know that I had been released. I was still in detention, not informed of anything and still treated the same.


One night near mid-October, a security officer visited me in the cell tent. He said he wanted to drink tea with me, so I welcomed the guest and hosted him my best despite the limited resources.


The officer, whom I knew before, initiated the conversation and said that he came in a personal capacity, that he was not sent by any party and that he wanted to open a discussion with me about my vision for solving this crisis, etc…


I told him, which I am sure he knew, that where I was in this valley, not even a bird could pass without permission, let alone a person walking on two legs.. but that was not important.


Our friend, the officer, said that I knew his relationship with the decision-makers, as he is the uncle of the president, the son-in-law of the prime minister, and a high-ranking intelligence officer. He could mediate in settling the crisis that occurred between me and the Sahrawi government, and ask about my point of view on the matter.


I told him that since the third day after you arrested me, my opinion was stated and reported through “Muhammad Lamin Bishri”, a man known for his truthfulness and honesty, it still has not changed.

You accused me falsely and I do not deny you your right to investigate me in any suspicion you see, which you did. I am now under the authority of the front court, and the front is in control of the judiciary and the territory, otherwise I would not be imprisoned for so long in a valley. 

All you have to do is give the investigating judge an order to issue my release decision and the problem ends there. I will not hold you accountable for what has passed. Moreover, I would like to tell you that it is better for you in front of the Sahrawi public opinion in which you have spread that I am a traitor, an agent, a spy, etc.. If you order the judge to make his release decision temporary pending investigation instead of a final release, so that I appear as though I am still under judicial supervision awaiting trial. In time people will forget and you will have avoided embarrassment. The second option is to continue the judicial process until we reach the trial and you know how embarrassing it will be to bring me to trial because of a political opinion.


Our friend, the officer, tried to enter into bargains with me but he found the door locked. After the tea session ended, I thanked him for his visit. For the first time in three weeks, I found someone talking to me and drinking tea with me. He went on to say that he would meet the authorities and give me feedback.

The response was not long, as the officer returned after two nights to tell me that the crisis had passed. They had decided to release me without the need of the judiciary or anything else. We, the children of one tent, settle our disputes under the roof of our tent.


It was good news when I heard from him of my release, I almost embraced him with joy. Finally, my mother and my children will be reassured after all they have suffered. If only he did not add: there is a small part I wanted to tell you about, the front has received information that Morocco intends to kill you in order to implicate us and that is why the leadership decided to hand you over to an international organization, they entered into contact with the High Commissioner for Refugees and their office will call you tomorrow morning from my phone, which is carrying Thuraya's satellite service.


Joy, sadness and anger mixed. The release is good news, but exile is bad .. very bad.


I told the officer, isn’t the information about being assassinated by Morocco a sort of "Shertat’s excuse to his mother"? Shertat in the popular myths is a creature that symbolizes greed. In one of his stories, one day he did not find anything to eat and only his mother was around, so he turned to her and said: Mother, your eyes today look like those of a sheep. The mother understood that she would be his next meal and said to him: Go ahead and eat me if you have decided so, the excuse does not matter.


I have been in detention for three weeks on charges of treason and working for Morocco, and today they fear for me of Morocco !!!!!

I told the officer if the news of my release was correct, my mother's house in Mehaires is not too far from here. I could walk there if you find it so hard to drive me. This is my hometown and the land of my fathers and my forefathers, I know the way.


As for your fear of me being killed by Morocco, if Morocco kills me among you, what would you be if you were unable to protect one Sahrawi in the (long-named) Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic ???? ..

I will spare you this embarrassment and I will certify and sign with my ten fingerprints to the wise among you that you are innocent of my blood, if Morocco kills me ..

The officer said he was just a messenger and that in the morning, he will call the UNHCR office from Geneva to arrange my transfer procedures.


The story continues...