Please do not ask me to be silent. Allow me to breathe (22)

I was deep in my obsession when my life flashed in front of me in an instant. How the front that claimed to have liberated me and celebrated my liberation and those with me whom they brought from the city of Smara in 1979. They made me one of them and a high-ranking employee in the state that they declared.. The same front today expels me because I was that person they claimed.. Isn’t the freedom of speech the minimal level of freedom?


I tried to understand the front until I couldn't anymore. They have been talking for 31 years, others and I clapped for them. They have been taking actions for 31 years, others and I supported them. One day I talked and they said you have no right to say anything but what we say.. Why did you liberate me then !!!! ... Why do you claim that you are militating and fighting and that you are ready to die for the sake of liberation, when you only want slaves to do what they are ordered, or Parrots to retweet what you say ???


I thought about the state in which I was a citizen and a high-ranking official in its security and where I made my children live.. I thought about the SADR with its president, government, states, departments, municipalities, where is it located? The HCR office says I am banned from entering the SADR, because Algeria is refusing my entry to its soil.

A state with all its institutions and people disappears in a moment, and no longer exists except in my imagination !!!!


Imagine that I am the fool here, I gave birth to children and built a house and tried to have a job, and when I thought that I became like normal people, I was told, as my father was told, to go back to zero. My father found the remains of a broken house, the bodies and blood of some of his family, so he realized it was not a dream. I did not. No nuclear bomb like Hiroshima or Nagasaki hit us and blew us up. There was no earthquake, no biblical storm or flood ... Where I was located just ceased to exist !!!! As if I was in a dream or turned crazy.


A whole state disappears and the Popular Front that wants to liberate “Saguia El Hamra” “Oued Eddahab” says sorry, our chief of police, for expelling you because we cannot protect you in our areas liberated from Morocco, from which they also want to liberate the rest of the Sahara !!!!!

Imagine that this is what they spread in our camp and they made the women of the camp clap for the merciful front !!!! The front that is unable to protect one person ... the front that is unable to allow a Sahrawi into its camp because Algeria does not want to.


I refused to submit to the deportation order and I insisted on my trial, at least to prove to myself that the SADR was not an illusion ... I want to sit or stand in its court and be sentenced to death, so that I know that there are few meters of this earth where I have been sentenced called the SADR, that I was not living an illusion for three decades.

I could not understand .. can any of you help me to understand .. Where is the SADR located ???

I have been a citizen of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic since October 6, 1979, I carry its nationality and work certificates from its institutions. I even have a house there, family, relatives and friends !!!


I recalled one of the stories of the wise "Tiba". A woman was grinding barley with a mill in a tent, when a child came to her, asking for a stake of barley, he extended his hands to her, around the pillar of the tent. After he filled his joined hands with barley, the child could not withdraw them because the tent pillar was in the middle and he did not want to separate his hands to not lose some of the barley.. The villagers gathered and found no solution other than to cut the child's hands or spill the barley. Both would be a loss. So they called the wise Tiba and she said to them: you idiots, this is simple, unmount the tent then take out the pillar from between the child's arms and the problem will be solved.


I laughed of our disposable state... or of us being "Tibas"


The story continues..