Please do not ask me to be silent. Allow me to breathe (23)

They made up their minds that the deportation decision is final and it must be implemented by any means. I was still cut off from the world. I don't know what happened since I was abducted on the evening of September 21st and they don't want me to know. Under the roof of the cell tent, high-level negotiations took place with the front and the front was clear that:


- Continued detention means continued pressure on them from the outside and the inside.


- A trial in the absence of a compelling argument other than a political opinion is not internationally accepted.


- A release and permission to enter the camps means a denial of all the Front’s propaganda about espionage, betrayal and such. It also means allowing more than one opinion, therefore the collapse of everything they built over the course of 37 years.


I have no choice but to accept exile or assassination in the sense of “causes might be several, but death is one”. Capitals other than Algiers knew about this decision and the discussion on this part was over, the deportation decision from the camps and saharan territories, which the Front calls liberated.



As for the kids, the Front wanted to do some damage control on their marketing at the human rights level due to my arrest, by making the political win of pushing the HCR to enter the area of Mehaires, where I was detained to reunite me with my family before deportation. That would imply the recognition of a kind of Polisario’s sovereignty over those areas. However, the UNHCR apologized because its staff could not enter any area without contracting with an internationally recognized authority. Consequently, they cannot bring my family to Mehaires, where I am still detained and hidden.




The front insisted on its position that reuniting me with my family has become a topic for the UNHCR. In their call to me, the UNHCR office told me from Geneva that they have a compromise, which is to accept the exit to the Mauritanian territories that have borders with the Polisario. In Mauritania, my family will join me. I agreed to their offer.


The problem of how I will get out of the Polisario areas arose. It was suggested that the MINURSO forces located east of the belt take me out.




On the evening of November 7, they told me in detention that I will be deported next morning in a MINURSO plane from the “Aghuinit” region to Mauritanian territory at 08:00 AM.


The area was about 500 km from the detention center. The motorcade that would take me there did not set out until 10:00 PM to make sure no one would see them, especially that they would cross a part of Mauritanian territory north of “Bir Moghrein”. 


Because the distance is far, time is tight and walking without lights will hinder the procession,  they decided one hour through the trip to take me in one car that could turn on the lights without raising suspicion. Despite that, that car did not reach the Aghuinit area before mid of next day due to the long distance and the ruggedness of the tracks, so the deportation date will be delayed one more day.




The day on which I was scheduled to be deported was November 8, the day when the camp of “Gdeim Izik” was dismantled. The situation changed completely and the MINURSO forces no longer wanted to transfer me so that they would not be forced to engage in human rights issues that do not fall within the mandate of the mission.


So began the journey of looking for a new way to get me out of the new prison I was transferred to in the south.  Unlike the north, there are no valleys in the southern Tregion of “Tirs”erce, so they hid me in the mountains, especially the mountains of “Lagtetera” south of “Aghuinit”.




I remember that on the day the Gdeim Izik camp was dismantled, the security officer deliberately made me listen to “Mohammed Abdel Aziz”'s speech on the radio, saying that there were dozens of corpses scattered in the streets of Laayoune and appealing to the world to intervene to protect them. I was kind enough to believe him, I did not think that he could reach this level of lying. I forgot that everything I left behind was based on lies and deceit.




In mid-November, the UNHCR office told me on the satellite phone of the security officer that they had reached an arrangement with Mauritania, according to which the front forces would transfer me to a point inside Mauritanian territory, and from that point people from the UNHCR office would come to transfer me under the protection of the Mauritanian army.


On the evening of November 29, I was transferred to a mountainous area between Aghuint and the Mauritanian city of Zouerate.






The story continues..