Algeria-Morocco: Can We All Just Get Along?

San Francisco- Moroccans and Algerians have been at it for more than 50 years and none of them was able to come out ahead of the other. Both countries are stuck in this infinite cycle of hate and no one seems to be willing to let out. But we the people can change this malediction if each and every one of us gather our courage and start asking for the end of this war. This war is not of our making nor is the making of those who will come after us. Many of those who started the war are either dead or waiting to die and will never see peace. Why do we have to succumb the same fate?

We the people of Algeria and Morocco have never had a say in the decisions making process; we never consciously choose the route of hate and revenge. Isn’t time that we the new generation take matter of our own hands and demand that we are no longer willing to continue living in war?

Also, look around and you will quickly realize that those who chose to mend fences and live in peace are the same ones who are benefiting from our discord. Do you think France, Spain, the US, Russia, or China will benefit if we in Morocco and Algeria are living in peace with each other?

The west up to this day is still meddling in our internal matters? When was the last time you see us meddling in theirs?

Why are allowing ourselves to be enslaved in the 21st century while elsewhere nations are building bridges of peace and prosperity?

By now we should be able to realize that Morocco nor Algeria will win this war, we are not helping ourselves allowing outside forces to dictate to us how we should live our lives.

We have grown accustomed to blame “ Le Pouvoir” and “Makhzen” for what is happening to us, isn’t time to demand from these forces that we no longer want to live in war?

Think about it, we really have no reason to continue prolonging the hate, we can be much happier in peace. There will be a minority who is not interested in peace, its livelihood in based on our conflict, but why does the majority has to continue suffering from a war that benefits the few?

The escalations that are taking place between our two nations are getting out of hand and we need to put a stop to the madness and to the politics of hate very soon.

Let’s lead by example, I have no doubt in my mind that if we Morocco and Algeria start treating each other with respect and dignity, the “Pouvoir” and “Makhzen” will have no choice but to yield to the power of the people.

Regarding, the thorny sahara issue, we know where we in Morocco stand and we know where the Algerians stand, I have no doubt in my mind that if there is will there is a way if the people in both our countries seriously contemplate a life of forever peace. I don’t have to remind you that the French and the Germans were once killing each other by the millions.

There will be some who will go back in time and bring up the Sand War or the 1994 terrorist attach in Marrakech and the closing of the borders, to those I have one thing to say: That was then and now is now, those who made the decisions then are dead. We cannot build a future being stuck in the past. Let’s move on and move forward. The Germans and the French did it and so should we.

Sooner or later we will unite, I just hope that it will happen in our lifetime. We are not reaping fruit delaying the unavoidable. To the “Makhzen” and “Le Pouvoir” I say, get on bandwagon before it’s too late.

By Majid Morceli