Canarias: Polisario's crimes

The Polisario stained hands Canarian blood and its leaders are now summoned to account for terrorist crimes they have committed. Last week, Las Palmas welcomed the establishment of the Canarian section of victims of terrorism by deciding to include the crimes of the Polisario in this category. A ceremony was also held in the presence of the families of victims of the terrorist attacks of Polisario and in particular those who have had to suffer the horrors of kidnapping in Tindouf when they did not let life under the bullets and mortars mercenaries between 1977 and 1986.


According Ramadane Oulad Messaoud, President of the Sahrawi Association for the Defence of Human Rights (Asadeh) and connoisseur of domestic kitchen separatists, “it was time to unveil the international community . including the Spanish public opinion a hidden facet of the relationship between the separatists and the Iberian neighbor which recruit mainstays Polisario ” 

Parents and families of victims of terrorism Polisario brandish especially a main claim: that their are considered victims of terrorism and that is reserved for them the same treatment as that given to victims of terrorist attacks by ETA. For the latter, “it becomes urgent when we know, they say that violent crimes do not suffer from limitations as provided in Spanish legislation.”


Through Asadeh and other Spanish NGO, a chronology of crimes Polisario terrorists against the Spaniards and Canary Islanders in particular has been established. 

One of the most violent attacks has occurred April 7, 1977 against the fishing vessel “Pinzales” with the result, serious injuries among Canarian fishing. On 13 November of the same year, the Polisario pass at top speed and managed to kidnap three fishermen for two weeks after an attack against their boat. On 22 April 1978, the Polisario, always acting in the maritime area between the Canaries and the Sahara, manages to capture eight Spanish fishing boat “Las Palomas”. Eight fishermen will be released on 14 October of the same year. Mercenaries multiply coups against the Spanish fishing vessels during the late 1970s and raise the tone, more in the 1980s.


Thus, 20 September 1985, an attack against the “Junquito” results in death a Canarian fishing and capturing six others that will be routed to Tindouf. Intervened to rescue the fishing boat, the patrol “Tagomago” is targeted, September 21 , by machine guns and mortars: a death among Spanish and two wounded. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Ahmed Bukhari, Polisario representative in Spain at the time, was arrested. Anyone claiming the Polisario is expelled while Madrid ordered the closure of pharmacies mercenaries. Polisario does not stop its operations so far. He murdered another Canarian sailor during the attack on the ship “Puente Canario” September 10, 1986 and July 22 of the same year, Jose Lopez Perez, another Canarian marine life leaves in the attack against the ” Andes. ”


This whole bloody history that the association in question is working to unearth. For the victims, but also for their justice. The families of victims of terrorism Polisario preparing to initiate legal proceedings against the Polisario leaders including Mohamed Abdelaziz, the “UN” Ahmed Bukhari and wealthy Brahim Ghali.

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