We learned from our Private sources that took a look at the details of Christopher Ross' personal agenda before it was edited and delivered secretly to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, that The UN envoy to the Sahara,

who is American, suggested, after watching the torrents that hit the refugee camps and their victims on a personal tour to Tindouf, he suggested to bring life back to those remote areas (buffer zones) with building made of concrete that will resist to such disasters.

He assumed in full paragraph (of the personal agenda) that this procedure will eliminate the worries of the war, and bring the Sahrawis closer to their own soil, and this proposal seems to be a solid brick to declare the Confederal solution between the Polisario and the Kingdom.

Dumping the security fence with civilians and transferring a part of them to the remote areas hampers the war:


Ross says that demolishing the mud houses that got hit by the severe floods is a quick human procedure, and ordering to build new buildings in the high-risk area has its own downsides, but the law doesn't forbid this action, and refusing the strict procedures of the zoning is a possible procedure that can be extended by 20%. (This didnt make sense to me in the arabic version, it wont probably make sense to you either)


Ross says in a different occasion, "the safe neighborhood between the moroccan forces and the civilian Sahrawis raises the level of trust, and opening fire from close range is forbidden, despite what is apperant" Polisario is seeking a Full security management of the remote areas by the UN to prevent any one-sided procedures. 


Contrary to the allegations, according to what MINURSO officials have reported to ROSS, the Moroccan authorities rises their existence in the Sahara, and there is a process of separating the Sahrawis under Moroccan administration from the refugees as slow procedures, and to separate those Sahrawis and distribute them between at least two regions. This separation will be an additional dispersion between the residents and to the Issue.


It is certain "that the war has awarded the Sahrawi internationalist referendum decision, and Laayoun uprising has decided to broad autonomy under Moroccan administration, and It was decided to immediately enter into a regional without waiting after the events of Gdeim Izik camp, and the return to war will the division to be overcome. War is very possible if the United Nations does not act to prevent these acute developments. " ... Diplomacy is still the main element in conflict management, and the option of war so far is not a decision at Polisario officials, and Preparations are going on in the Algerian and Moroccan States to keep any dramatic shift on the border.


Ross confirms that the berm has made contact with the trenches on the Moroccan-Algerian border, which has become a military procedures at high rates and unprecedented, and the Sahara puzzle, needs to be separated form the two big neighbors (Morocco and Algeria).

According to a US official, Morocco entering the military industry and sophisticated military for security arrangements in the Sahara doesn't prevent the continuation of US aid, In order to develop a new situation in the disputed territory, and its obvious to continue the the direct dialogue between Algeria and Morocco, and Washington is delayed about it, awaiting any other circumstances. 


And it is important that Algeria and Morocco prevent a war due to the desperation in the camps, and they have to contribute in raising the strict procedures concerning building inside the remote areas and in the city of "Tifariti" by complete UN guarantees, in order to avoid any deterioration in the region, since the military actions are high. Two Plosario officials decided not to hand over their organisation to ISIS and the terrorist organisations.

Map "Ralph Peters," Colonel at the Pentagon to facilitate aid and sales of US weapons to the kingdom:


Christopher ROSS' proposals to prevent a recurrence of shooting in the Sahara are moving with the Pentagon agendas, and the main point is to abort a regional war between Algeria and Morocco with American fears of Russian betting on a partial or limited war to trigger the Sahara issue.


The colonel's agenda "adopted" by the Pentagon Ralph Peters had launched Russian-Pakistani action to prevent (Balochistan) and also fearing the Russian-Algerian military action in at least three military bases. The Americans ar working  to abortion an entity in the Sahara without the presence of Washington, due to the American fear of meeting ISIS and the Tribe, and launching a "mini succession" in the region is competing with the Moroccan Principality of Believers. The Pentagon does not want a religious vision of the next conflict in the Sahara.


As evaluated by the Pentagon, Morocco has eliminated a colored revolution after Gdeim Izik events that wanted to manage the Sahara between its management and the insider Separatists. The Separatists have entered in all the national parties in order to manage the situation in a manner that doesn't kick them out of the equation. The shift is possible through a partial war or through transferring the refugees to the remote areas, This mass of population will be decisive in tomorrow's battle, and is delaying from now, Confrontation imposed through the despair and the difficult conditions, says a report of the US Department of Defense (any armed confrontation will be the end for the option of the Confederacy, and the Chinese-American-Russian rapprochement in the Syrian issue is also about the solution in the Sahara) and in all cases, France lines have retreated, so Morocco resorted to India, to prevent new countries from Baluchistan to the Sahara.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco in India to promote his country's neutrality toward the Russian American conflict:


Moroccan King visited India, which suffers from the problem of Kashmir, which is similar to the Sahara problem, and decided in a persnal step to support New Delhi in the membership of the Security Council, and Pentagon analysts think that "the opportunity is great, after this visit, in order for Morocco to accept the reconstruction of the remote areas, because Morocco will not find India among its allies in case of refusal" It is allowed in Kashmir, for human reasons, to do construction in the disputed areas. 

A certified report of the same entity says that "Rabat is trying to take advantage of India's military industry, and trying to face the Russian technology that has strongly moved to the neighboring Pakistan, and Islamabad has received Sukhoi 35m. 

Morocco proposes itself as an Indian passageway to Africa to enhance its neutrality towards the extensions of China and Russia that is being resisted by Washington, which fears the capital Rabat.

It is expected that a limited war will break out or companies will invade Sahara on both sides of the conflict. Building the remote ares will start a new phase of Peace, but this step may cancel the berm militarily, because drowning it with civilians on both sides prevents it from its current capabilities.

Morocco has to accept this step in order to keep the Sahara issue away from the international wave that is led by Moscow and Washington, especially since the US is not too excited about launching an international conference on the Sahara, and Paris is being silent for not suggesting any step to break the stagnation currently lived by the Sahara issue.

The head of the French intelligence services finally saw that the Middle East that we know has come to an end, and the periodic meeting on Syria to restore the situation to Sais Pico has come to confirm another turn, an he wrote an evaluation on West Africa, after his country defended the official boarders of Mali. The construction of the remote areas, as proposed by Ross to prevent the bombing of the despair Sahrawi is a good idea, and ISIS not entering the issue of the Sahara is a French homeland security thing, And any complacency is a dramatic change in the region, and its obvious not to let the despair or any contact between the Polisario and the organisation of the State. 


French intelligence has supported the Polisario Front by preventing specific names from penetrating the Plisario conferences, and continued the dialogue and the pursuit of terrorists and secure the status of the territory in the current level of security .

Translated by Elaine Obenshain.