El ouali Mustapha sayed: eliminated in the name of “Algerian” human rights!

The veil is lifted on the death of the founder of the Polisario, El ouali Mustapha sayed, who in fact did not die in 1976 during confrontations in Mauritania, as one official version would have us believe! He was in fact assassinated by the Algerian forces. But his death was orchestrated and planned by President Boumediene and those close to him, including Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Kasdi Merbah, who at the time was head of the intelligence services, Mohamed Messaadia, Slimane Hoffman, at a meeting held at the “El Mouradia” palace in Algiers.
The information was just published, 38 years after this mysterious conspiracy whose goal was to eliminate the founder of the Polisario following his announced intention to negotiate with Morocco to find a solution for the conflict in the Western Sahara.
A Mauritanian website called “Akhbar Annass” just let out the information based on secrets gleaned from the archives of the Algerian Military Intelligence Services, after the assassination in turn of Chadli Bendjedid’s Prime Minister Kasdi Merbah on August 21, 1993.

El Ouali Mostafa Sayed lived between Taroudant (Morocco), his home town, Marrakesh and Rabat where he studied law. He was in favor of dialogue with Morocco, and he wanted to break with the separatist strategy that first Boumediene and then Colonel Kaddhafi forced him into.

El ouali Mustapha sayed
Two months before his death, he confided in companion Maa al-Aïnine, that he wanted to accelerate normalization with the Moroccan government and that he wanted to inform Messaadia, member of the Central Committee of the Algerian FLN who oversaw the party’s relations with the Polisario.
We also learned that a decisive encounter had taken place between the late head of the Polisario and Yazid Zerhouni, number two of the Algerian Intelligence Services a few weeks after the battle of Amgala (at the end of February, 1976) openly involving the Algerian army, which lost against the Royal Armed Forces, resulting in a large number of Algerian soldiers being taken prisoner. Yazid Zerhouni is loyal to Bouteflika, who named him Minister of the Interior after his election in 1999.

The closed meeting between Boumediene, Bouteflika, Messâadia, Slimane Hoffman and Kasdi Merbah was to plot out both the assassination of the founder of the Polisario and the reorganization of the Polisario’s structures. Only Kasdi Merbah was imprudent enough to express his reservations about this diabolical plan, asking for a little time to verify the veracity of El Ouali’s intentions to start a rapprochement with Morocco. Later he would pay the price.

Boumediene had insisted that the operation be carried out preferably on Mauritanian territory and he ordered that he be given a state funeral. At this meeting, Slimane Hoffman had presented a report on the attempts by the Polisario leader to engage in rapprochement with Morocco, and perfected tactics and procedures to eliminate him and replace him with Mohamed Abdelaziz el-Marrakchi, who was loyal and docile toward the Algerian regime. Boumediene is then purported to have tasked “General Patsy” Aâttailia, who was close to El Ouali Mostafa Sayed, to commit the crime and orchestrate a “national memorial for the hero who died as a martyr on the battlefield”!