On the 6th November all Moroccans will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Green March. This is neither innocuous nor a commemoration event like others. It reminds us that it is almost half a century since the southern provinces were recovered and reintegrated to the motherland (Morocco) forever. Certainly, this could not have been easy for Morocco’s enemies.

It tells us that King Hassan II’ s initiative to gather all Moroccans for this historical and decisive moment will be highly marked in our memories and will provide a sense of belonging to all people. It will bring an acute awareness of our genuine interests and solid consensus towards the national unity of Morocco.

The Green March was very special in its size, organization and especially in the enthusiasm it aroused. It is always remembered as a happy and a significant turning point in our modern history.

Few people around the world have such a memorable event in their history. The green march for Moroccans is equivalent to the Great March for the Chinese or maybe the actions of Gandhi for the Indians.

The 6th of November, for those who had the chance to take part, was a crucial opportunity for 350,000 Moroccans to prove their endless commitment to the Moroccan identity.

Thanks to all those who took part in the Green March we were able to regain the southern provinces, despite the difficult conditions.

Because of their courageous actions, we can now freely celebrate our glorious Moroccan identity.

Now, on the forthcoming 6th November we are all invited to celebrate the anniversary of this great event.

The Morocco 21 is an association which is calling all Moroccans to commemorate this fantastic period by flying the Moroccan flag above buildings, shops, cars, and offices on the 40th anniversary of the Green March. The association’s campaign, launched three weeks ago, has gone viral on social media, arousing extraordinary enthusiasm.

Many citizens and institutions have already, through a dedicated Facebook page, offered hundreds of flags and national colors t-shirts.

Again, Moroccans are showing their endless patriotism and solidarity towards their country.

Dear readers, thank you for choosing to participate in this campaign and for working towards its success by extending the invitation to your friends.

For me personally, since my return from the United States 40 years ago, I have been very inspired by the attachment of American’s to their country’s flag.

How is it that an American, in a country with only two hundred years of history, can be so proud of his country’s flag and values, but yet we have an ancient culture and do not have the same pride?

From that time onwards, the Moroccan flag has been flying permanently from my balcony and I cannot leave my place without embracing another flag inside the house.

But that is another story. The best gift ever that I can offer to you is the song “Sawt El Hassan” by Abdakkah Issami.