Humanitarian Aid Scandal: How Algeria Fooled Europe

In a new blow to the Muradiya Palace, Ms. Christina Giorgieva, responsible European Commission, accused officially Algeria and the Front of "Polisario" of manipulating European humanitarian aid intended for the refugees in Tindouf camps.

The European official stated, based on a report prepared by the European Anti-Fraud Office in 2007, that Algeria and Polisario have been since 1991 transferring European humanitarian aids, consisting of food and medicine, and in a systematic manner, to be sold in Algeria, Mauritania, and Mali. She also stressed that the refugees in Tindouf only received small portions that would keep them alive and barely survived.

The data revealed in the report provided by the European Anti-Fraud Office has contained a set of imbalances that mar the distribution of humanitarian aid to the European process, especially the so-called barter. A practice which is traded heavily in Tindouf camps, noting that the organizers of the conversion aid operations impose on the people who deal in this way that they allocate a percentage of the proceeds barter, which is considered an illegal operation used for personal enrichment for members of "Polisario," who organize transfers shown on a large scale.

The investigation by the European committee has also detected that there are prisoners of war and civilians, who are used to handling assistance and building construction financed by international aid. Such an act is a clear violation of Geneva Convention of prisoners of war.

The report that was forgotten for over seven years also found that good quality food for refugees, like the Canadian wheat, are replaced by a lower quality to be sold, and that products such as poultry, which are funded by the international aid, are sold and not given to refugees.

Georgieva explained that a consultation request was refused back in 2010, and only the intervention of the European Ombudsman in 2014 helped to get it. The European Ombudsman main goal is to investigate complaints about maladministration in the institutions and bodies of the European Union, and its reports are highly credible and transparent.

Ms. Georgieva also stated that The European Commission has taken steps to prevent fraudulent practices, but did not suspend funding, said the Commissioner. Approximately Ten million Euros was allocated in 2013 to the Tindouf camps, corresponding to the amounts awarded in previous years.

The latest data provided by the European Commission came to shed more light and expose how the Algerian government is conspiring with the separatists of the Front "Polisario" to misguide the world to form a micro State on the expense of the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco. Algeria never ceased since 1975 to support financially and logistically "Polisario" and it seems that Algiers is still living in the Cold War era, and refuses to evolve and realize that while the world is uniting to fight terrorism and many epidemics, its actions are only creating more regional and international unnecessary conflict.

Europe and the world now should realize that the Front of "Polisario" is Algeria's proxy in its irrational conflict with Morocco, and the latter has been proving its constant readiness to solve the conflict according to the international conventions and what the United Nations' Resolution.

Morocco's proposal for self-governance for the Southern territories seems more rational and aims at taking the whole country to new era of economic and political partnership with many counterparts covering all corners of the world.

"Polisario" was created during a specific period to serve a particular purpose. That purpose has been invalid since 1990, and the existence of such a Front at this difficult time can jeopardize the security and stability of the entire region. Terrorism, Human and Narcotic trafficking, international monetary and aids' fraud are flourishing in Tindouf at the expense of many Moroccan refugees and many who have been and still detained in the camps against their own free will. The world needs to react and solve the problem once for all. The longer those camps exist, the more the world will be dealing with unnecessary problems.

Mourad Beni-ich