Moroccans are entitled to see their country among the best in the world. The main objective of the Moroccan State and society is supposed to be the development of Morocco at all the levels outweighing other nation-states. This noble goal can only be achieved via the mapping out of a daring national strategy that is capable of engaging the maximum number of Moroccans in this ambitious project, the one that was initiated by His Majesty since he ascended the throne. The new cultural paradigm purports to turn every Moroccan into a development operator and an excellent achiever, surpassing the right and duty dichotomy.
However, patriotism does not come outright, but rather it is a long-term process that requires a massive mobilization of all sorts of outlets to convince Moroccans of the need to contribute to Moroccanism.The pendulum should swing forth towards serving the country instead of nourishing one’s personal interests and desires, deriving pleasure and killing time with no regard to the national welfare. In this regard, there are many simple ways one can do to make a difference, yet the old Moroccan value system should be revived.
The challenge is how to deploy the society’s collective intelligence in this development process and benefit from its immaterial capital. By educating people to love their country, they will be responsible citizens capable of turning their country into a world haven and an ideal place to live in. At that time, other nations will look to it as a role-model and follow in its footsteps. The obstacle is the path; once the objective is traced, collective intelligence will find its way and the question that every Moroccan should ask is what to do to help this country.
The nation-state can exert its soft power and take initiative to convince its citizens of the efficiency and essence of contribution to this national strategy. Moguls, educators, politicians, sociologists, psychologists and all the social actors can also lend a hand and contribute to this sacred goal. All citizens without exception have to be sensitized to act responsibly towards their society’s priorities. Indeed a society that would like to move forward should set clearly its own objectives.The aim would be to turn all Moroccans into responsible abiding citizens whose main quest is the development of Morocco towards the best in all the fields and instead of criticizing each other and questioning the lying foundations of the Moroccan State, they had better conserve their energy and work towards the fulfillment of the national development strategy.

Madani Abdelmajid