Like all social media platforms. Twitter is a very intriguing one, it's where everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinion. Using hashtags is a unique tool to reach those with similar intrests only.

As a Moroccan, the topic of western Sahara and polisario has always been an interesting topic for me. going on Twitter I was hoping that I will get the chance to debate and discuss with pro polisario elements. But sadly that was not the case.

Few days into it, polisario enthusiasts changed their tactics from slandering and mocking, to insults and attempting to hack my computer. Sending threats to my family members. Wait it doesn't end there, they have taken my photos and videos and did a sloppy job trying to fake a video where I supposedly insult the king of Morocco.

All of these because I was vocal in debating and debunk their propaganda. And instead of of doing the same they resulted to these dirty tactics. Likely I have saved everything as a proof. And below is a lengthy video showing some the things I mentioned above.

By L.M





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  • anon
    لحلو سيدي باها (not verified)

    You need to adopt Technics to make it impossible for them to pirate your info.
    Remember to use encryption and very good passwords as well as remember to always disconnect and unplug when not using your PC.
    I for example use a very good Spyware and Antivirus Ware, plus I always change my passwords as often as need be and disconnect WiFi and Power Outlet before going out.
    The point in unplugging is, some sleeper Spyware can turn your PC on when you're not around. By unplugging the Battery in the case of a Laptop, and the Power Plug, you make it impossible for your PC to wake-up if you PC is carrying a Sleeper Spyware
    These guys get training and guidance from the DRS (Algerian Spy Agency)
    So don't trust them, they will not hesitate to damage you in whatever way they can

    If you take all the precautions necessary, you should be totally OK to bring it to them.

    Don't post any specific identifying info about yourself, Geographical Biographical Genealogical etc..

    PS. Mohammed Abdelaziz their leader has run away from the camps, because there is a revolt going on right now against him. The Moroccan Hostages in the Tindouf Camps and going to free themselves and return to their homes in Morocco

    محمد عبدالعزيز هرب إلى الأدغال الإفريقية

    عاش المغرب

    Jan 29, 2014