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  • anon
    Lemrabat Lahrizi (not verified)

    When inhabitants of a territory have no passports to travel outside of it, and no rights to travel within it.
    When many of these inhabitants were kidnapped as little children, there ought to be a serious question on whether or not they're FREE. Are Free people entitled to travel across boarders to seek Political Refuge like we see in Syria today? Yes. But even the Syrian Refugees who left Syria just recently have traveled around the world already. Compare that to sepding 38 years in the Tindouf Camps, under the watchful eyes of Algeria's military and torture of Polisario mercenaries.

    Dear readers, if you go to Tindouf Camps today, what you'll see is Algerian Military Captains, orchestrating the prevention of these inhabitants of the Camps from traveling within Algeria even. How can a Government pretend to be a Host and at the same time not extend the very basic norms of Hospitality? These human beings are prevented from traveling within the Camps even. They are not entitled to the most basic Human Rights according to Algeria's Un-Elected Government and according to the mercenaries of the Polisario.

    This last one has been classified (by the Justice Department of Japan) as a Terrorist Entity due to its involvement in local wars against the Libyan people, against the Malien people and against most of the inhabitants of the Tindouf Camps. The Polisario is guilty of acts of genocide & terrorism on a large enough scale for us to be concern about them continuing to exist as a military force. The "Aidouns" whom are the people that left the Tindouf Camps to return back to their homes in Morocco, testify that Algeria is running a Scam Camp and that the Polisario are a bunch of multi-national Terrorists Drug Smugglers Torturers Kidnappers and Criminals, nothing less nothing more.
    It is a sham to portray them as a force for good. Their cause is Illegitimate and but Just.

    All those who vote at the UN in support of Algeria's Un-Elected Government's Policies are themselves Dictatorships or they simply take Bribes to say anything, like did Kerry Kennedy and its RFK Center for (in)justice & (the violation of) Human Rights. The scam is exposed, time is up and lets all say no to Polisario Terrorists.
    Stand up and be counted, or at least research the issues before taking money from Algeria's Un-Elected Government.
    This Algerian Government is accused by former Algerian Diplomats and Military of Genocide against the Algerian people and of stealing one Election after another. People who use Terrorism as a military strategy have an Illegitimate Cause.

    Oct 15, 2013