Morocco is a Mediterranean country, located in a strategic location linking Europe with Africa. Such importance makes it a major player in world politics. However, the question of the Sahara alters any progress in the area. Sahara's independence is a fiction unequaled, a utopia in times of globalization. The Sahara has always been Moroccan, and to not trace too far historically, we stick to mention the Spanish protectorate in Morocco, covering two zones of influence: the north and the Sahara, the two sides are mentioned in all the Spanish protectorate papers as Moroccan land. Spain did not have a colony called Western Sahara in Africa. This name was invented later, after Algerian independence and shortly before the apocalypse of Francisco Franco.


The green march ended the Spanish presence in the Moroccan Sahara and declared the independence of the land. But for Spain then and Algeria it was inevitable to create a problem to replace the Spanish administration in the area. Then, the appearance of the group called Polisario met the Algerian ambitions.


Currently, the ghost that embraces and protects Algeria is seriously obstructing proper understanding between the Arab Maghreb countries, especially Morocco and Algeria and makes the two people lose the ability to live in better conditions. Morocco does not save any effort to call its neighbour to review its policy of enmity with the sincere goal of allowing both peoples freedom of movement between the two states and leave aside border blockade, while Algeria ignores and acts with great indifference.


It is worth mentioning that the Sahara issue is a closed issue in Morocco, no one doubts about Sahara’s Moroccanity. Moroccan territorial integrity is unquestionable and legal. Hence, those who cling to a false theory are condemned to abandon it and arm themselves with logic and clarity with themselves for the good of the area.