Syria's Bashar Al Assad Embraces Western Sahara Separatists

-At The UN Security Council Meeting, Arab, American and European officials spoke of their assessment of situation in Syria. The Moroccan Minister said That Morocco would like to see a peaceful political solution in Syria, where the Syrian government and opposition groups debate freely on the future of their country.


He said that Morocco is against military intervention in Syria; A position from a sovereign country that seeks to put an end to the ongoing bloodshed there. Morocco has also expressed its concern at the increasing loss of life in Syria as a result of the continued violent suppression of anti-government protests and has reminded the Syrian Government of its responsibility to protect its population.  


When the Syrian UN Ambassador rose to the podium, he made rude and undiplomatic statements against Morocco. He accused King Mohammed VI of forcing his subjects to kiss his hand and to bow before him.  He threatened the Moroccan government with Syria's Plans to reopen the Western Sahara issue and "shed light on the "prevailing inhuman situation" there and to express total and unconditional support to the Western Sahara separtists Polisario group in their Goal to create an entity in the Sahara".  It was a frontal assault on Morocco and its institutions. The Syrian Ambassador didn't attack the United States, france, Britain  or other European country who are calling for the overthrow of Bashar Al Assad, but he decided to attack Morocco, it's king and raise a central issue relating to Morocco's territorial borders.


The Western Sahara Separatist Group, the Polisario Front, has recently lost an important backer and ally following The downfall of Libya's former strongman Moamar Gaddafi, Now Syria's embattled Dictator Bashar Al Assad is coming to the rescue...