The foundation of Kerry Kennedy claims to defend justice and human rights, is at the foot of the wall because of the silence before it observes the barbaric repression of peaceful demonstrators by the Polisario militia in the camps of Tindouf.

Having used the international community to denounce its outputs crashing hard overruns in the southern provinces of Morocco, now the Robert F. Centre Kennedy (RFK) for Justice and Human Rights shines with a deafening silence to abuse and forceful interventions Polisario militia against demonstrators demanding greater dignity and freedom.

This policy of double standards of RFK has not gone unnoticed. It is everywhere denounced as is the case of the president of “Teach the Children International” (TCI), Nancy Huff noted that in a letter there is a week in Kerry Kennedy, expressing its deep concern at her face silence of his organization to the atrocities and the violent repression of peaceful demonstrators in Tindouf.
This is also the case of the Network of Associations of Moroccans in Italy (RACMI) and the African Federation Toscana (FAT) has sent an urgent appeal to the RFK Center, asking him to respond to these systematic violations of human Rights in the Polisario camps.
In a letter to the representation of RFK in Italy, the authors also claim the call for an international investigation into the assassination last month of two young tradesmen Sahrawis in Tindouf in the Algerian army near the Mauritanian border.

Rise of young Sahrawis against the diktat of the Polisario, highlight the network representatives, should encourage some parties, who still believe in false theories of the separatist movement, to reflect on the true nature of the conflict in the Algerian Sahara regime seeks at all costs, to perpetuate leaves endanger peace in the entire region. Other voices will surely rise to denounce the attitude of the founding of Kerry Kennedy.


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  • anon
    لحريزي (not verified)

    On one hand Kerry says she's principled, but on the other hand when you analyse her actions, she's lying.
    Kerry Kennedy doesn't care about the Sahrawis who we say are sequestered in Tindouf Camps while their human rights are abused. Two youngmen have been killed there by Algerian Captains recently. What did Kerry Kennedy say about these Human Rights abuses and deaths? Nothing. Actions speak louder than words.

    So after reading what kerry wrote about the Sahrawi Moroccans who live in Peace in Morocco, one would expect at least the same level of care and activism regarding their Sahrawi Morccan brothers who are sequestered in the Tindouf Camps. But Kerry Kennedy in this case sided with the abusers with her silence.

    The RFK center is not a neutral NGO, it's a paid partisan.
    So of course if she just admits shes a paid lobbyist, things would make more sense and we wouldn't call her a dishonest hypocrite. The fact is that she's posing as a Human Rights NGO because that's how she sold her services to the Algerian Terrorist Regime. The US as well as the Moroccan and the French have Evidence on Tawfik's Terrorist Activities.
    Who is Tawfik you ask? Only the real Dictator behind the scenes in charge of the Algerian Regime and Government. He calls all the shots. He decides on who wins elections and who lives and who dies.

    PS. Tawfik's real name is Mohammed Amine (Lamine) Medien, aka Tawfik

    So, when it comes to the Moroccan Western Sahara, the RFK Center is not acting a Human Rights NGO, though it say it is, it's actin as a Paid Lobbying Firm. It gets paid millions of Petrodollars for services rendered.

    Check it out, you can take that to the bank.

    Feb 19, 2014