All what happens and concerns the africans countries and the Sahara issue

Tanzania: African Seminar Calls for Expulsion of 'Sadr' from AU

A large panel of African Members of Parliament, former Ministers of Foreign Affairs and ambassadors, business leaders, experts and academics as well as civil society and think tank representatives called, on Saturday in Dar Es Salaam, for the expulsion of the ghostly "Sadr" from the African Union (AU).

Polisario terrorist & leader of IS in Greater Sahara killed by French Forces

he Polisario terrorist and leader of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS), Adnan Abou Walid al-Sahrawi, was killed by French forces, President Emmanuel Macron announced early on Thursday in a tweet.

How Nigeria set Algerian regime back on its heels on Sahara issue

Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum pinned high hopes on his recentb visit to African heavyweight Nigeria to gain some support for Algeria’s anti-Moroccan stance in support of Polisario separatism and banditry.

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When Algeria Drops Veil & Betrays its so-called Neutrality

The Algerian rulers have always denied their direct involvement in the Sahara, but their scathing diplomatic move made against Côte d’Ivoire after it opened a Consulate in the Moroccan Saharan city of Laayoune shows clearly that they are the main stakeholder in the Sahara conflict.


Quicksands of diplomacy

A cargo ship, the World Cup and the wrangle over Western Sahara are factors in a bizarre face-off between Africa’s powerhouse nations, SA and Morocco, writes Ranjeni Munusamy


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Western Sahara: South African Foreign Affairs Ministry' s Headlong Rush to Disrupt the UN Process

I was flabbergasted when I read Mr.

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Morocco, the Western Sahara and SA’s inverted moral compass

South Africa’s foreign policy is my moral compass. Whatever it is vociferously for, I am instinctively against. This is not only down to its ambivalence towards human rights abuses and electoral niceties (which it once deemed to make a policy lodestar) over at least two decades in Zimbabwe, but its spectacular record in supporting authoritarian regimes across the globe, from voting in the United Nations to selling arms.

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South Africa may become the next big promoter of terrorism and piracy

When the late anti-Apartheid activist Nelson Mandela emerged from prison and became South Africa’s first black president, he carefully steered the country away from the radicalism of the African National Congress's Marxist past and toward a policy which embraced moderation and responsibility in i

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What Pretoria-Rabat Rapprochement Means for Africa’s 2063 Agenda?

In September 2004, upon South AfricaSouth Africa’s decision to recognize Western Sahara as an autonomous and self-determined country, the Kingdom of Morocco recalled its ambassador to Pretoria, engaging the two African giants in a series of implicit hostilities that lasted for over a decade.

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History : When Morocco helped Nelson Mandela during his fight against the Apartheid regime

In 1962, Morocco delivered weapons for the ANC fighters. Nelson Mandela had even spent a few months in the Kingdom. Abdelkrim El Khatib played a crucial role in bringing both Hassan II and Mandela together. The two men met, for the second time, in 1994 in Rabat. While in prison for 27 years, Morocco moved away from the ANC and stood closer next to the South African regime.

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