All what happens and concerns the africans countries and the Sahara issue

Jacob Zuma imposes Brahim Ghali as a guest of honor at a 5th session of the Pan-African Parliament

South Africa is once again trying to assist the Polisario’s leadership. In August, the country showed support for the Front in a statement delivered before the South African Development Community countries, while in September it managed to mention the Western Sahara conflict during a BRICS’ conference. Yesterday and during the 5th ordinary session of the Pan-African Parliament, Pretoria imposed Brahim Ghali as a guest of honor.

Despite Maneuvers of Host Country, Mozambique, TICAD Preserves its Format Without So-called "SADR"

The format of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) has not changed and its meetings remain open only to African states recognized by Japan, which excludes the so-called

South Africa continues to show support for the Polisario Front

The Southern African Development Community has announced recently the holding of a «conference» of solidarity with the Polisario Front. A decision that has not been given a date yet.

Seized Vessel in South Africa: Court's Decision is Political With Legal, Judicial Coverage

 Deputy minister in charge of Relations with the Parliament and Civil Society, government spokesman, Mustapha El Khalfi, described, on Thursday, as political with legal and judicial coverage the de

OCP Group Refuses to Participate in South Africa Trial that Undermines UN Resolution Process & International Law

By deciding to hold over for trial the matter of the phosphate cargo vessel “Cherry Blossom,” which was seized in South African waters in April after an unscheduled stop, the South African court ha

Morocco expects of Angola neutrality in Western Sahara conflict

Morocco has made another stride in its rapprochement with Angola, one of the 13 Anglophone countries in Southern Africa that still recognize the so-called Sahrawi republic “SADR” and support the in

Will Local Courts Reward Terror?

Palestinian efforts to win unilateral recognition through international organizations like UNESCO and organizational courts like that of the international soccer federation FIFA have long been a diplomatic source of tension because those organizations’ recognition of Palestinian statehood and ass

OCP Group Contests South African Court's Decision to Submit 'NM Cherry Blossom' Ship Seizure Case for Judgement on Substance

The OCP group contests the decision by a south African court to submit the case of the seized "NM Cherry Blossom" Ship for a judgement on substance, noting that this decision totally runs counter t

South African Court's Decision to Submit Moroccan Phosphate Ship Seizure Case for Judgement on Substance 'Runs Counter International Law', Govt. Spokesperson

The decision by a south African court to submit the case of the seizure of a ship carrying Moroccan phosphate cargo for a judgement on substance "runs counter international law", said, on Thursday

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