All what happens and concerns the africans countries and the Sahara issue

South African court ruled that the cargo of moroccan phosphates seized in Port Elizabeth is rightfully detained

The high court in Port Elizabeth, South Africa has pronounced today its verdict regarding the Moroccan phosphate cargo that was detained on the 1st of May in the African country.

Moroccan Phosphates and South Africa’s Economic War on Morocco

South Africa’s judicial decision to seize a Moroccan shipment of 50,000 tons of phosphate from Boukraa constitutes out of doubt a flagrant violation of all international conventions and maritime international customs that prohibit the illegal confiscation of commercial ships and a flagrant violation of “right of innocent passage” of ships.

Moroccan Phosphates: Why South Africa’s Move Violates International Law

A South African court has issued an order on Wednesday to hold a vessel carrying 50,000 tons of Moroccan phosphates. The court justified its decision by citing a complaint from the P

Detained Phosphate Ship: Morocco in ‘Legal Situation’, Says Govt.

Amidst an uproar over South Africa’s detention of a Moroccan shipment of 50,000 to

Pretoria, Polisario’s Ally, Seizes New Zealand-Bound Vessel Carrying Moroccan Phosphate

South African authorities have seized in Port Elizabeth a New Zealand-bound vessel carrying 50 tons of Moroccan phosphate coming from the southern port of Laâyoune, reports say.

Re-establishment of Morocco-Cuba Diplomatic Relations Rings Bell for Polisario, Guinean News Website

 The announcement of the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Cuba has echoed inside the UN corridors, will do the same inside leading international capitals and will ring t

King Mohammed VI, Commander of the African Faithful

On the 41st anniversary of the Green March, Mohammed VI has addressed the Moroccan people from Dakar, Senegal in defiance of those handful countries that, now and then, slam the country on its Moroccan Western Sahara policies and rightful presence there and, also, those who believed that Morocco

How Algerian diplomacy tries to hijack the agenda in Africa

The failure of the Polisario leader to influence the UN Secretary General as to the challenge the separatist front is posing in the buffer strip of Guerguarat prompted Algerian officials to turn to

Algerian diplomacy destabilized by Morocco’s application for membership to ECOWAS

The Algerian regime, which has closed its borders with its Moroccan neighbor since 1994 and which continues to support the Polisario separatists, is seemingly destabilized by Morocco’s application

Mohammed VI and Morocco’s African Destiny

 Morocco has always already been African, in a pholospphical sense. Once you go back to a period in the past, you will find that something had already happened before that moment that proves the African destiny of this North African but ancient land.

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