Algeria is the founder of Polisario , here is all what relate to the relation between them and morocco

Ambassador Hilale to C24: 'Mr. Ambassador of Algeria, You Missed an Opportunity to keep Quiet'

The head of the Algerian delegation to the C24 seminar, currently held in St. Lucia, Nadir El Arabaoui lost his nerves and attacked Bahiya Ghalla, vice-president of the Dakhla Oued Eddahab region, in the first words of his speech, for having mentioned the human rights situation in the Tindouf camps in Algeria.

Mauritania does not buy Algerian propaganda

Mauritania has given Algeria a very cold shower by rejecting the propaganda of the morally bankrupt military junta in Algiers which desperately seeks to stoke tension in the region and with Morocco

Algerian airlines sacks marketing official over Morocco

The visceral hatred of the military junta towards Morocco has no limits and has in recent months taken multiple forms verging on the absurd.

Algeria once again shows that it is genuine party to Sahara conflict

Algeria has once again discredited itself and showed the world that it’s the genuine party to the artificial dispute over the Sahara, after it recalled its ambassador to Madrid for consultation fol

Algeria: Euro-Med rights watchdog slams punitive measures against striking prisoners of conscience

The Algerian authorities have been practicing “arbitrary” measures against dozens of prisoners of conscience, who went on strike to protest the extension of their detention, without legal justifica

Algeria: Gen. Khaled Nezzar to Stand Trial in Switzerland for “War Crimes”

The Swiss Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has retained the charges of “complicity in war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” against former Chief of Algerian army and ex- Defence minister, G

UN hits back at Algerian regime’s baseless accusations against Morocco

The United Nations has flatly rejected the baseless accusations made lately by the Algerian regime, alleging that Morocco targets civilians in drone attacks carried out in the security berm in the

Algerian regime’s escalation against Morocco will not help it solve its crisis – Lebanese columnist

The escalation by the Algerian military junta against Morocco will not help it solve its deepening internal crisis or escape accountability, writes Lebanese journalist Khairallah Khairallah in an O

Algeria: 2021, another Annus Horribilis for military junta, de facto rulers
Algeria: 2021, another Annus Horribilis for military junta, de facto rulers

Algerians from all walks of life continued to suffer in 2021 from acute shortage of bread, milk, cooking oil, potatoes, sugar, pasta, oxygen for covid-19 patients and ICU beds, while their rulers are squandering the country’s petrodollars on military expenditure.

Algeria in denial after Arab League’s adoption of full Moroccan map

About three months to the Arab summit that Algiers is supposed to host, Algerian diplomacy refuses to pull its head from the sand, spreading fake news and propaganda about the Arab League’s decisio

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