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Algeria Pushes POLISARIO Toward a New War

Algeria, in the midst of its own internal power struggle, seems determined to thwart Morocco's growing diplomatic success in ending the Algerian-sponsored attempt to pry Moroccan Sahara away from t

As SC moves towards consensus, Polisario threatens with armed conflict

A few days before the Security Council adopts the annual resolution on the mandate of the MIUNRSO in the Sahara, the Polisario are no longer upbeat as they were last week when the US announced its

France won’t block U.S. proposal on Western Sahara: envoys

France, Morocco’s traditional protector on the U.N. Security Council, is unlikely to use its veto to block a U.S. proposal to have U.N.

Sahara: Morocco mobilises diplomatically against the U.S.

This is a high-level diplomatic deployment that Rabat has operated since last Tuesday, April 16, to world capitals to counter U.S. plans to align with the position of the Algerian regime on the Sahara issue.

USA to redeploy its troops as Morocco cancels joint military exercise

US troops are to redeploy from Morocco after Rabat cancelled annual war games in the kingdom, the US army said Wednesday, amid sharp disagreement over plans for a UN mission in the Sahara.

Morocco says US shift on the Sahara can have “harmful consequences” for the stability of the region

Morocco on Tuesday warned of “harmful consequences” for regional stability from US-backed plans to broaden the mandate of the UN mission in the disputed Sahara to probe human rights abuses, AFP rep

Sahara: a letter From a Moroccan to her friends the Americans

The United States is in an urgent need to understand the real significance of Human Rights. No, human rights do not mean a way to control the others. No, human rights do not mean a lie to deviate people from reality.

Expanding MINURSO’s mandate will stall discussions with the UN personal envoy: official

The initiative seeking to expand the UN Sahara mission (MINURSO) mandate risks to stall the ongoing discussions between Morocco and the UN secretary general personal envoy for the Sahara, Christoph

Sahara: Morocco cancels annual joint military exercise with the US

Following the announcement made last Friday by the US Embassy that Washington to push for the inclusion of a human right monitoring mechanism in the MINURSO mandate in the Sahara, Morocco decided t

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