Gdim Izik Trial: Sentences Handed Down to Defendants 'Fair and Balanced' (International Observers)

 The sentences handed down, on Wednesday by The criminal court of the Salé Appeal Court, to the accused in the events related to the dismantling of the Gdim Izik camp , are "fair and balanced," sai

Coordination of Families and Friends of Gdim Izik Events Victims Says Respecting Sentences 'Handed Down After Fair Trial'

The Coordination of families and friends of the victims of the events of Gdim Izik said they respect the sentences handed down, on Wednesday, to 23 accused, and which took place "after a fair trial

Gdim Izik Trial: Deliberations Last 14 Hours (Public Prosecutor)

 The Criminal Chamber of the Appellate Court of Salé has spent 14 hours in the deliberations in the case of the accused in the events of Gdim Izik, after the adjournment of the hearing for delibera

Gdeim Izik: Sentences are ranging from 2 years to life imprisonment

The court of criminal appeal in Sale has sentenced on Wednesday 19th of July, 23 defendants to prison terms ranging from two years to life imprisonment for killing 11 members of security forces dur

Gdim Izik: NGO of Families, Friends of Victims Denounces 'Untruthful Version' of ACAT on Trial Proceedings

Following a statement issued on Tuesday, in which the NGO ACAT France (Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture) gave its version of facts concerning the so-called abuses committed as part

Gdim Izik: Defendants Traveled to Algeria, Were in Contact with Polisario, Prior to Settling in Camp

The Public Prosecution said on Monday that the defendants in the Gdim Izik case had been in direct contact with Polisario leaders, had even taking instructions from them, and had traveled to Algeri

Gdeim Izik: Evidentiary Phase Ends, Closing Arguments Begin

The Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeal in Salé announced Tuesday the close of the evidentiary phase of the hearing in the Gdim Izik trial and the beginning of closing arguments, according to

Gdim Izik: Detainees’ Transfer from El Arjat Prison to Court in Line with Criminal Procedure Code

The transfer of detainees prosecuted in the Gdim Izik trial from the local El Arjat prison to the court was carried out in accordance with the legal provisions of the criminal procedure code, the G

Gdim Izik Trial: International Observer Praises ‘Serene’ Arguments of Civil Parties

The arguments of the civil parties in the Gdim Izik trial are taking place in normal and calm conditions, Sophie Michez, international observer and attorney at the Brussels Bar, said.


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