Gdim Izik: Royal Gendarmerie Officer Delivers Serious Facts on Camp Settlement

Regional commander of the Royal Gendarmerie of Laayoune (M.B) revealed, in his testimony before the Salé Appeal Court in the trial of the accused in the Gdim Izik events, which will resume on June

Gdim izik: Withdrawal of Accused Deliberately Upsets Listening Capacity of the Trial (French Expert)

The decision of the accused in the Gdim Izik events to withdraw, Tuesday, from the current trial deliberately upsets the listening capacity that has marked the different phases of this case before

Gdim Izik Trial: Court Decides to Include in Minutes Suspects' Border Movements Prior to Camp Setting Up

The Salé Appeal Court decided on Thursday, under the trial of Gdim Izik suspects, to include minutes presented by the public prosecutor as part of the case.


Gdeim Izik Trial: Court Refuses Illegal International Medical Expertise for Suspects, Public Prosecutor

The Salé Appeal Court refused, as part of the trial of Gdim Izik suspects, to grant international medical expertise for the suspects for its illegal aspect while answering the request of their defe

Public Prosecutor Delivers to the Court Evidence Confirming the Accused Planning of Gdim Izik Camp Installation

On Thursday, the public prosecutor's office delivered new evidence to the criminal chamber at Salé's appeal court confirming the preliminary planning by many of the accused in the Gdim Izik events,

Gdim Izik Trial: Defendants’ Withdrawal, Incomprehensible Rebuff of Fair Trial Guarantees (International Observers)

The withdrawal of defendants from the Gdim Izik trial is incomprehensible given the fair trial guarantees offered to them, international observers following the trial said.

Accused in Gdim Izik Case Disrespect Court Procedures

In an attempt to rally support, the accused in the case of Gdim Izik and their defense team made a dramatic claim that they are being denied their rights.


Gdim Izik: 20 Witnesses Expected at Next Session

The next trial of suspects implicated in the Gdim Izik tragedy will take place on May 8 at the appeal court’s annex in Salé, with media reports expecting 20 witnesses, all members of security force

Trial of Gdim Izik Suspects Meets Perfectly Fair Trial Requirements, Observer

The trial of the suspects of Gdim Izik events meets perfectly the requirements of a fair trial, respecting the presumption of innocence, said Sophie Michez, Belgian lawyer and international observe

Gdim Izik: Suspects Enjoy Full Defence, Speech Rights, Sahrawi Tribes Sheikhs

The suspects enjoy their full rights to be defended and speak freely in hearings, said, on Friday in Salé, two Sheikhs of Sahrawi tribes whom are following the Gdim Izik trial at the Salé appeal co

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