Brokered by Morocco: Minister Merv Michaeli promotes the opening of the Allenby Pass to Jordan in 24/7

The move is being further promoted against the background of a visit to Biden and is expected to materialize as soon as the logistical conditions mature, including the recruitment of the required m

Arab FMs reject Iran’s arming of separatists that threaten Morocco’s security, stability

The Council of the Arab League expressed, Wednesday in Cairo, its rejection of the destabilizing maneuvers of Iran, which arms separatist elements that threaten Morocco’s security and stability.

International Federation of Asian and African Trade Unions Reiterates Support for Morocco

The president of the International Federation of Asian and African Trade Unions, Saud Al-Hujailan, expressed the Federation's support and solidarity with the Kingdom of Morocco over its territorial

How a Moroccan-US pro-Algeria lobbyist fooled Foreign Policy magazine

Samia Errazouki, a US-Moroccan citizen and former journalist, used Foreign Policy to spit her venom on its motherland (Morocco) paying lip service to the inaudible Algerian lobby in Washington.

After Arab League, CAF & Al-Jazeera TV adopt Morocco’s undivided map, including Sahara

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the Qatari TV channel Al-Jazeera have adopted Morocco’s undivided map, including its Sahara territory, dealing a hard blow to the Algerian regime and

Algeria in denial after Arab League’s adoption of full Moroccan map

About three months to the Arab summit that Algiers is supposed to host, Algerian diplomacy refuses to pull its head from the sand, spreading fake news and propaganda about the Arab League’s decisio

Arab League Recommends Adoption of Unified Map of Arab World, with Complete Map of Morocco

The League of Arab States has sent a Note to all bodies and organizations under its banner, recommending the adoption of a unified map in all events they organize, attaching a map of Arab countries including the complete map of Morocco.

Pakistan has never recognized nor engaged with the Polisario or SADR, Ambassador to Rabat says

Pakistan has never recognized nor engaged with the Polisario or the self-proclaimed SADR, affirmed Pakistan’s ambassador to Rabat Hamid Asghar Khan.

FM Presents at Paris Conference Royal Approach for Resolution of the Libyan Crisis

Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad, Nasser Bourita, who represents HM King Mohammed VI at the Paris Conference on Libya, highlighted the Royal Approach for the resolution of the Libyan crisis and the Sovereign's willingness to make Morocco a host country for the inter-Libyan dialogue.

Closure of GME, Further Escalation from Algeria (Geopolitical Observatory)

Algiers' unilateral decision not to renew Europe's gas supply contract via the Maghreb-Europe Gas pipeline (GME) passing through Morocco is a further escalation that is explained by the disastrous situation of the Algerian regime faced with an increasingly hostile public opinion, according to the Observatory of geopolitical studies of Paris.

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