Mohamed Salah Tamek and the Moroccan Approach to Counterterrorism

During his five-year stint as a political prisoner, it is unlikely that Mohamed Salah Tamek could’ve imagined the role he would eventually play for his country.

Govt. regrets ‘lack of credibility, objectivity’ in AI report on Morocco

The government regretted the “lack of credibility and objectivity” in Amnesty International (AI)’s report on Morocco, while reiterating its resolve to continuing efforts and reinforcing structural

Who Are the Defenders of the Polisario’s Independence Thesis?

Some individuals who are known internationally but who have sometimes been involved in dirty business have stood out as visionless defenders of the Polisario Front’s separatist thesis.

ECOWAS counts on support of Morocco to implement its development strategy for Sahel

The Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Désiré Kadré Ouedraougou, who is on a working visit to Morocco, said Wednesday in Rabat, that the regional organization “reli

Contentions Bashing Morocco Won’t Help U.S. or Israel

In recent weeks, some conservative analysts have pointed out supposed international hypocrisy in the treatment of Morocco’s possession of and presence in Western Sahara.

King Mohammed VI and Ban Ki-moon’s Report on the Sahara

The latest diplomatic bout over the issue of Sahara involving the United Nations Secretary-General and King Mohammed VI himself proves that when the country’s leadership and government is proactive concerning the Sahara, things can move in accordance with Morocco’s interests.

Resumption of family visit flights for 17 April

The UN refugee agency today announced that the family visit flights under the Confidence Building Measures programme will resume.

EXCLUSIVE: Kerry Kennedy, worried about travel restriction, willing to plead guilty to leaving accident scene in drugged-driving deal

The daughter of slain Sen. Robert F. Kennedy would cop to leaving the scene of a July 2012 accident to avoid a drugged-driving conviction that could hamper her human rights work, sources told the Daily News. Her defense attorneys resurrected a previously discussed plea bargain with a Monday trial looming, sources said.

When a Refugee Camp is Really a Prison in Disguise – Jordana Merran

Last month, I traveled to Dakhla and met with Marlaha and Khallihanna, two Sahrawi refugees who grew up in and ultimately managed to escape from the Polisario-run camps near Tindouf in southwestern Algeria.

Another Year Has Gone By and Still No Durable Solutions: It is Time to Open the Camps

* Tens of thousands of Sahrawis have been separated from their families for almost 40 years, trapped in horrible conditions in refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria. The most straightforward solution – a commitment to ensure that the Polisario gives refugees their legitimate right to freedom of movement, so they can come and go as they please. In other words, open up the camps and let the refugees go free. *

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