Mauritania does not buy Algerian propaganda

Mauritania has given Algeria a very cold shower by rejecting the propaganda of the morally bankrupt military junta in Algiers which desperately seeks to stoke tension in the region and with Morocco

Mauritania Denies Entry to Moroccan Businessman Who Formerly Funded Polisario

Mauritanian authorities have refused entry to a Moroccan businessman and former Mauritanian official who used to raise funds for the Polisario Front.

Mauritanian analyst : «Nouakchott will not be able to influence the Western Sahara conflict»

Morocco and Mauritania have not been in good terms since the first term of the Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz. This is confirmed through the fact that the neighboring country has not appointed an ambassador in Rabat since the retirement of Mohamed Ould Mouaouia in 2012. With the announcement of the opening of a new border crossing between Algeria and Mauritania, what impact would this have on the Guergarate crisis and the Sahara conflict ? Answers to these questions are provided by the Mauritanian political analyst Tabet Didi Ould Salek.

Mauritania: Army Seizes Vehicle Hailing from Tindouf Camps Laden with Weapons

The Mauritanian army arrested this week some men and several weapons on board a four-wheel vehicle near Mauritania’s North-eastern borders with Algeria.


Mauritania Foils Humanitarian Aid Embezzlement Attempt by Polisario

A new attempt to embezzle humanitarian aid by the Polisario separatists has been foiled in north-eastern Mauritania where large amounts of foodstuff and medicines were seized, Moroccan daily Al Mas

Taeib Fassi Fihri: Chabat’s Statement Continues to Cause Issues for Morocco

Taeib Fassi Fihri, the advisor to King Mohammed VI, has said that Hamid Chabat’s statement about the territorial integrity of Mauritania created problems for the Moroccan diplomats to the African U

Mauritania Adds its Voice to 38 African States Supporting Morocco’s Return to AU

Mauritania has announced that it will vote in favor of Morocco’s return to the African Union, local media said.


Nouakchott Partners with Polisario in High-Risk Game

Mauritanian leaders who have been shunned by Morocco for a long time seem to close their eyes on the activities of the Polisario’s armed militiamen that wander in Mauritanian territory unbothered and go back to the demilitarized locality of Lagouira at the extreme northwest of the country.

From Dakar: King Mohammed VI Answers Mauritania’s Diplomatic Provocation

At the end of the day, King Mohammed VI chose the right time and the right place to answer Mauritania’s diplomatic provocation.

Clean-Up Operations in Gargarate to End Smuggling and Illegal Trade

The security and customs services led, on Aug.

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