Is European Union Subject to Government of Judges ?, Wonders Crans Montana Forum's Chairman and Founder

The decision rendered by the European Union (EU) court on September 29 on the appeals lodged by the "polisario front" against the decisions of the European Council regarding the agreements between the EU and Morocco is incomprehensible and heralds great dangers for a Union already battered by its internal management difficulties and its inability to play a real role on the international scene, underlined ambassador Jean Paul Carteron, Chairman and Founder of the Crans Montana Forum.

EU Court Decision Is Against Spirit of Partnership between Europe and Morocco, Ambassador Says

The decision of the European Union Court on the agricultural and fisheries agreements is in total contradiction with the spirit of partnership between Europe and Morocco, said the Moroccan ambassador in Lisbon, Othmane Bahnini.

European Personalities Defend Strategic Nature of Relations with Morocco

Several European personalities have pleaded in favor of maintaining and consolidating strategic relations with Morocco.

Talking Point: Responsible trade needs informed discussion

The Talking Point piece "Stop New Zealand's role in controversial phosphate trade" Hawke's Bay Today August 26, prompts the need to restate the facts on this matter for the sake of an informed debate.


Western Sahara: The European Union Joins the Security Council

At the recent 14th session of the Morocco/European Union Association Council meeting in Brussels, the European Union joined its language concerning Western Sahara with that of the United Nations Security Council.

Morocco Solidifies EU Fishing Agreement and Continues its Push to commitment World-Class Infrastructure

The end of June saw a flurry of announcements and actions that solidify Morocco’s profile as a country determined to build a diverse and sustainable economy.

Western Sahara – Resource Development, International Law and What Next

The European Court of Justice has once again set off another political brouhaha between Morocco and the European Union over the issue of their fisheries agreement.

Morocco-EU: Rabat Needs New Diplomatic Approach in Brussels

 Rabat’s persistence on using traditional diplomatic avenues to address a judicial conundrum led to its recent stumble in Brussels.

EU-Morocco Fisheries Deal: Will Morocco’s Firm Position Alter ECJ’s Ruling?

 When judges of the Luxembourg-based ECJ convened on 27 to deliver on the “legality” of EU-Morocco fisheries agreements, the overwhelming majority of European observers and legal experts were of the opinion that ECJ would not make the unwarranted step of meddling into political matters.

‘ECJ’s Verdict on EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement is Biased:’ Analyst

 The recent ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) regarding the European Union (EU)-Morocco fisheries deal has sparked controversy and provoked angry rebukes from Moroccan analysts, who have deemed the decision to be biased against Morocco.

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