Morocco-EU: Rabat Needs New Diplomatic Approach in Brussels

 Rabat’s persistence on using traditional diplomatic avenues to address a judicial conundrum led to its recent stumble in Brussels.

EU-Morocco Fisheries Deal: Will Morocco’s Firm Position Alter ECJ’s Ruling?

 When judges of the Luxembourg-based ECJ convened on 27 to deliver on the “legality” of EU-Morocco fisheries agreements, the overwhelming majority of European observers and legal experts were of the opinion that ECJ would not make the unwarranted step of meddling into political matters.

‘ECJ’s Verdict on EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement is Biased:’ Analyst

 The recent ruling of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) regarding the European Union (EU)-Morocco fisheries deal has sparked controversy and provoked angry rebukes from Moroccan analysts, who have deemed the decision to be biased against Morocco.

When El Youssoufi ordered the European vessels to leave the Moroccan waters

On November the 4th 1999, the 1995 fisheries agreement signed by Morocco and the European Union expired. Prime Minister, Abderrahman El Youssoufi, took his time to renew the agreement, allowing Morocco to preserve its natural resources, reducing licenses by more than 75%, and developing the fisheries sector.

EU Risks falling into turbulent waters if EU court invalidates EU-Morocco fisheries deal

Based on positive evaluations, both the Commission and Morocco saw no particular reason to stop their fruitful cooperation in the area of fisheries, which has been in place for 30 years, until the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) Melchior Wathelet surprisingly

Debunking Erroneous Arguments of ECJ Advisor on Morocco-EU Fisheries Deal

If the European Court of Justice declares the EU-Morocco fisheries deal invalid in its February 27 verdict, surfing on the opinion of its advisor Melchior Wathelet, serious repercussions would ensue putting the EU in “turbulent waters” both at the institutional and foreign policy levels, said Eli

ECJ isn’t the right actor to make political choices related to trade deals

Trade deals should focus on opening up trade and should not be overloaded with all kinds of other purposes. And when politics does sneak into trade deals, it should be left to the elected politicians and not to judges, writes Pieter Cleppe.

Why the EU Would Be Better Served Keeping its Fisheries Agreement With Morocco

On January 10, Melchior Wathelet, Advocate General of the Luxembourg-based ECJ (European Court of Justice), made the comments that EU-Morocco fisheries agreement should be declared null and void because it includes Western Sahara.

European Court Of Justice Must Avoid Row With Morocco

On February 27, 2018, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is expected to issue an important decision that would to significant extent determine the future of EU’s relationship with North Africa, particularly Morocco.

Inconsistency of conclusions of the Advocate General of the EUCJ on the Morocco-EU fisheries agreement

The Advocate General of the European Union Court of Justice (EUCJ) issued Wednesday a second opinion advocating the invalidation of the Morocco-EU fisheries agreement, in total contradiction with the European policy towards Morocco.


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