Lovin’ McDonald’s in Laayoune

What better symbol of being connected to the global community and America is there than McDonald’s? You can find the golden arches in more than 100 countries across the globe – from Vietnam to Croatia to Peru. Morocco’s first franchise –the first in Africa — opened in Casablanca in1992.

Polisario irked by Uruguay’s refusal to seize a cargo of Moroccan phosphate

The authorities of Uruguay, one of the few Latin American countries that still support the Polisario’s separatist claims, refused to seize a ship carrying 300 tons of Moroccan phosphate from the Bo

Spain : Podemos tackles the import of Western Sahara products

Unidos Podimos, an extreme left party, has called the Spanish government to comply with the verdict issued by the European Court of Justice on the 21st of December 2016. The party wants to prevent the import of sand originating from the Sahara. Details.

Importation of Sahara Products Legal and Does Not Call into Question International Legality (Danish Foreign Ministry)

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the importation of Sahara products is legal and does not call into question international legality, since the population of the Sahara directly

In Detaining OCP Vessel, South Africa Puts Ideology before Justice- American Enterprise Institute

In detaining a vessel loaded with Sahara phosphates bound for New Zealand, the ruling party in South Africa, the ANC, is reconnecting with its anachronistic populist marxist ideology, putting politics above justice in a hostile action that threatens to derail a peace process led by the UN, said t

Seized Vessel in South Africa: Court's Decision is Political With Legal, Judicial Coverage

 Deputy minister in charge of Relations with the Parliament and Civil Society, government spokesman, Mustapha El Khalfi, described, on Thursday, as political with legal and judicial coverage the de

OCP Group Refuses to Participate in South Africa Trial that Undermines UN Resolution Process & International Law

By deciding to hold over for trial the matter of the phosphate cargo vessel “Cherry Blossom,” which was seized in South African waters in April after an unscheduled stop, the South African court ha

Polisario Resorts to International Courts to Sap UN Process- Former Spanish FM

The recourse of the Polisario separatists to third country courts is a desperate attempt to sap efforts under the UN process to settle the Sahara issue, Former Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio

CJEU to examine in September the British NGO complaint lodged against Moroccan tomatoes originating from the Sahara

The Court of Justice of the European Union will examine on the 6Th of September a case regarding the agricultural products originating from Western Sahara.

Will Local Courts Reward Terror?

Palestinian efforts to win unilateral recognition through international organizations like UNESCO and organizational courts like that of the international soccer federation FIFA have long been a diplomatic source of tension because those organizations’ recognition of Palestinian statehood and ass

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