Morocco Won’t Be Pressured to Hold Direct Negotiations With Polisario

The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, submitted to the Security Council last week his report on the situation in Western Sahara.

UN-Sahara: Köhler’s idea of direct Morocco / Polisario negotiations likely to fail

The negotiation plan envisaged by the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy for the Sahara, Horst Köhler, is likely to fail for the simple reason that the Moroccans refuse to hold direct negotiations with the Polisario and demand the involvement of Algeria as a stakeholder in this conflict, many e

Western Sahara: Where is Algeria?

In 2007, shortly after Morocco tabled its initiative for autonomy to resolve the dispute in Western Sahara, David Welch, at that time the Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East, told a Con

Italian official urges Polisario to forget self-determination referendum option

Italy’s deputy foreign minister Mario Giro urged the Polisario Front to abandon the self-determination referendum option it has been claiming in its territorial dispute with Morocco over Western Sa

There Will Be No political Process If There Is Only One Trace of Polisario in Guerguarat (Ambassador)

Morocco's ambassador, Permanent Representative in the United Nations, Omar Hilale, said, Friday at the UN headquarters in New York, that "there will be no political process for the settlement of th

Christopher Ross to Conduct Ultimate Mediation before Ban’s Departure

The personal envoy of the UN Secretary General for the Sahara, Christopher Ross, is reportedly negotiating with the stakeholders, another trip to the Maghreb region to conduct a new mediation in th

UN prepares new round of negotiations

The United Nations is preparing a formal proposal to jumpstart talks on settling the decades-old conflict over Western Sahara, a spokesman said Monday.


UNSG Comments on Sahara Issue Do Not Help Negotiation Process: MEP

  The comments delivered by UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon during his tour in the region do not help the negotiation process to settle the Sahara issue, MEP and President of the EU-Morocco Friendship Group a

No Progress in Sahara Negotiations Can Be Achieved Unless Algeria’s Role Is Recognized

There will be no progress in the negotiations on the Sahara issue unless Algeria’s direct role is recognized, said on Tuesday delegate minister for foreign affairs and cooperation, Mbarka Bouaida.

Christopher Ross suggests reconstructing the buffer lands in the Sahara in order to make it easier on the Confederal Solution.

We learned from our Private sources that took a look at the details of Christopher Ross' personal agenda before it was edited and delivered secretly to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, that The UN envoy to the Sahara,

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