Brokered by Morocco: Minister Merv Michaeli promotes the opening of the Allenby Pass to Jordan in 24/7

The move is being further promoted against the background of a visit to Biden and is expected to materialize as soon as the logistical conditions mature, including the recruitment of the required m

Polisario Leader Pictured With Israeli Minister, Pro-Palestine Claims Fall Apart

Brahim Ghali, the leader of the Polisario Front, has been pictured in conversation with an Israeli minister.

Al-Quds Committee, Under HM the King's Chairmanship, "Only Party" Honoring Financial Commitments to Al-Quds & Maqdessis, Palestinian F

The Al-Quds Committee, an offshoot of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) chaired by HM King Mohammed VI, is the "only party" that honors its financial commitments to Al-Quds and Maqdessi

Palestine Supports Morocco’s Sovereignty Over Western Sahara

Palestine reiterated its support for Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara on Thursday at a diplomatic meeting between both countries, held in Rabat.

Palestinian State "categorically refuses" equating Palestinian cause and Sahara issue

Rabat - The Palestinian State categorically refuses any comparison between the Palestinian cause and the Sahara issue as "inaccurate" and "fallacious".

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