United Nations: Moroccan Ambassador Unveils Truth about Separatist Sultana Khaya

The Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN, the Ambassador Omar Hilale, has unveiled, in letters sent to the Security Council and the UN Chief, the truth about the so-called Sultana Khaya, a separatist that Algeria and the "polisario" exploit against Morocco.

Antonio Guterres
Western Sahara Issue: When AFP Sails Against UN's Tide

At a time when the international community is reviving hopes of finding a political solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara after the appointment of a new personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General, Agence France-Presse (AFP) is once again playing a negative role.

Algeria: The military regime produces a false document attributed to the president of the think tank Tanzania Peace Foundation (TPF)

Algeria’s disillusioned diplomacy is still resorting to fake news to sell its claims.

Why Algeria and the Polisario inflate number of Sahrawis in Tindouf camps

For decades, Algeria and its creation, the Polisario, have been inflating the numbers of the people held in the South-Western Algerian camps while preventing the UN from carrying out a head-count and maintaining a media blackout on human rights there.


‘Intergroup for Western Sahara’: Misrepresentations and Post-Truths About the Conflict

Western Sahara with no evidence whatsoever

Opening of diplomatic representations in the Sahara weakens Algeria’s «argument»

The opening of diplomatic representations in the Sahara has weakened the argument of the Polisario and Algeria, which claim that no country recognizers Morocco’s sovereignty over the territory.

Response to “Democracy Now”

The documentary is far from being objective. With my respect for freelance journalist and journalist, this documentary is not a report but only a preconceived scenario.

On Algeria’s Fake News Diplomacy

Algeria’s disillusioned diplomacy is apparently resorting to fake news claiming that the SADR separatist entity will be invited to the Africa-EU summit.

From Western Sahara to Rif Protests, Pro-Polisario Inner City Press Pursues False Causes

Inter City Press founder Mathew Russell Lee is desperately trying to drag ongoing Rif protests into discussion in the United Nations.

Moroccan NGOs Denounce Exploitation of Sahrawi Minors for Political Ends

Moroccan NGOs (in Pisa, center of Italy) have denounced the instrumentalization of minors, coming from the camps of Tindouf in Algeria, for political ends, the anti-Moroccan propaganda and the vain

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