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Ambassador Hilale to C24: 'Mr. Ambassador of Algeria, You Missed an Opportunity to keep Quiet'

The head of the Algerian delegation to the C24 seminar, currently held in St. Lucia, Nadir El Arabaoui lost his nerves and attacked Bahiya Ghalla, vice-president of the Dakhla Oued Eddahab region, in the first words of his speech, for having mentioned the human rights situation in the Tindouf camps in Algeria.

Moroccan Western Sahara highway almost complete

Works to build a highway linking Tiznit in central Morocco to Dakhla are now 81% complete, in a key project that will improve connectivity between Morocco and its south and open a gateway for road

Polish LUG Group opens branch in Laayoune

The Polish LUG group, one of the leading European manufacturers of professional lighting solutions, inaugurated this Monday in Laayoune, its Moroccan branch dubbed “LUG Maroc”.

Moroccan Western Sahara witnesses “unprecedented economic boom” – International Magazine

The Moroccan Sahara region “is experiencing an unprecedented economic boom,” writes the magazine L’Essentiel des Relations Internationales in a special report on the occasion of the 35th African Un

Southern Provinces population benefits fully from Rabat-Brussels agreements, EU official report says

The European Union (EU) has once again confirmed in its annual report, published on Wednesday, that the population of Morocco’s southern provinces benefits fully from the agreements concluded betwe

Thanks to Royal Vision, Sahara is Now 'Modern, Forward-looking Region' (Ambassador Hilale)

Thanks to the enlightened vision of HM King Mohammed VI, the Moroccan Sahara is now a "modern, forward-looking region that is rooted in its ancestral cultural and traditional heritage," said Wednesday in New York, Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN, ambassador Omar Hilale., a marketing platform launched with US support

The “Laayouneconnect” marketing platform, an initiative funded by the US government, was launched Wednesday in Laayoune with a view to boosting investment and territorial marketing in the Laayoune-

Sept. 8 Election Reflects Sahrawis' Support for Democratic Process in Morocco (MP from Laayoune)

The strong participation of the populations of the southern provinces in the triple election held on September 8 reflects, in all transparency, the adhesion of the Sahrawis to the process of democratic construction in the Kingdom, said Monday in New York Mr. Mohamed Ayach, MP representing the city of Laayoune.

Morocco ‘Resolutely’ Pursues its Construction March (Sahrawi Elect Official)

Whatever the enemies of Morocco’s territorial integrity may think, Morocco continues its construction march “with all confidence and determination”, underlined, Monday in New York, Mohamed Aba, President of the Finance, Budget and Programming Committee at Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra Regional Council.

High Turnout in Sept. 8 Election, an Expression of Sahrawis' Strong Will to Join Democratic Process (Petitioner)

The high voter turnout of the population of the Moroccan Sahara in the legislative, regional and local elections of September 8, shows the strong will of this population to join the democratic process and a clear expression of their belonging to the motherland, said, Wednesday in New York, Pedro Díaz De La Vega García, petitioner representing Banco de Alimento Group.

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