Spain Called Upon to Support Autonomy Under Moroccan Sovereignty (Spanish Diplomat)

Spain is called upon more than ever to contribute to the settlement of the Sahara conflict by supporting the autonomy plan under Moroccan sovereignty, said the former Spanish ambassador to the United States, Javier Rupérez.

Former Spanish foreign minister to stand before justice for her connivance with Algeria

Former Spanish foreign minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya will stand before a judge in Zaragoza for her role in violating Spanish and Schengen laws by allowing the entrance of a Polisario leader in sec

A Travesty of Justice
A Travesty of Justice

An expeditious hearing for charges worthy of the Nuremberg trial, no attention paid to the victims either on the part of the public prosecutor or the national court (national audience) judge, without forgetting the icing on the cake: the non-indictment of Brahim Ghali, the main accused in at leas

Ghali: Let's be vigilant to avoid Hugo Carvajal scenario
Ghali: Let's be vigilant to avoid Hugo Carvajal's scenario
In 1898, Spain wanted to sell the Sahara to the Austro-Hungarian Empire .

After it was defeated by the United States, Spain decided to get rid of its colonies. In 1898, it planed to sell the Sahara to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


When Henry Kissinger «revealed» to Spain Hassan II's plan to carry an armed attack in the Sahara

After the attempted coup in July 1971, Hassan II became suspicious of the Americans to the point that CIA agents in Morocco were unaware of the Green March project. A State Department document states that Henry Kissinger, the former United States Secretary of State, was certain that the king was planning an attack against the Sahara controlled at the time by the Spanish. Kissinger shared the information with the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs.


A CIA document sheds light on the compromise reached by Hassan II and Juan Carlos

A declassified document released by the CIA has shed light on the circumstances surrounding the Green March. Moroccans were able to enter the Sahara due to an agreement reached by Juan Carlos, Spain's Crown Prince at that time and King Hassan II, states the American agnecy.

Catalonia: Polisario attempts to mend Algerian diplomats’ awkwardness

The Polisario tasked Khadijatou El Mokhtar, in charge of international relations in the so-called National Union of Sahrawi Women, to defend Spanish Catalans’ right to independence.


Algeria sets aside its stated principles, supports Madrid against Catalan independence

The Algerian regime, which has always claimed it defends the principle of peoples’ self-determination, ignored this principle in the case of Catalonia, out of fear to irritate Madrid in the Western

Algeria refuses to grant approval to the Spanish consul

Algeria refuses to grant approval to diplomat José Maria Ridao proposed last April by the Rajoy government to be the Spanish consul in Algiers, El Pais reports.

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