Algerian Army Shots Dead Sahraoui who Broke Tindouf Siege

Algerian army has shot dead a Sahraoui as he unknowingly attempted to leave the Polisario-administered Tindouf camps on board his car.


Algeria Forbids EuroMed Rights from Conducting Mission on State of Rights in Tindouf camps

The Algerian government has forbidden EuroMed Rights from conducting a mission on the state of rights and freedoms in Tindouf camps, southwestern Algeria.


Upper House Speaker Sheds Light on Human Rights Abuses in Tindouf Camps

 Speaker of the House of Advisors, Hakim Benchamach, shed light, here Monday, on the human rights abuses committed against the people held against their will in Tindouf camps, southwestern Algeria.

Sahrawis in Tindouf Camps Demand Asylum Cards from Algeria

The Sahrawi residents of Tindouf Camps demand that Algeria issue asylum cards to them or give them freedom to seek them elsewhere.


Tindouf Camps: Anger & Uprising Growing Against New Polisario Chief

Hundreds of Sahrawis sequestered in Tindouf Camps (Southern Algeria) have staged Thursday a demonstration to voice their anger at the Polisario new chief Brahim Ghali and express their frustration

Drug trafficking, One of Many Illegal Activities in Tindouf Camps under Polisario Control (Robert Holley)

The dismantling of the national brigade of the judicial police (BNPJ) of an international drug trafficking network that has links with individuals from the Tindouf camps reveals that "drug traffick

Algeria Seeking to Scuttle Rabat-Washington Excellent Relations

Algerian diplomacy is busy with attempts to scuttle the excellent relations existing between Morocco and the United States and does not hesitate to squander huge amounts of petrodollars to pay US l

European Human Rights Mission Banned from Entering Tindouf Camps

A mission from the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Organization (EUROMED-droits) was banned from entering the Algerian territory to enquire about the human rights situation in the camps of Tindouf

Denmark Stresses Need to Prevent Embezzlement of Humanitarian Aid to Tindouf Camps

 Denmark insists on the need to prevent fraud of EU funds, in response to the organized embezzlement of aid sent to the Tindouf camps south of Algeria.


UN Chief Reiterates Call for Census in Tindouf Camps

The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, reiterated his call for a census of Tindouf populations and recommended that the Security Council extend the mandate of MINURSO for a further 12 m

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