Western Sahara: UN Resolution 2468

The Security Council has again renewed the peacekeeping mandate for Western Sahara, MINURSO, for another six months. It did so without the votes of Russia and South Africa, both of who abstained.


The Game of Charades concerning the Western Sahara

If it’s April, it must be another round of charades at the UN Security Council regarding the Western Sahara. And if this year is anything like the past, the latest UN resolution can be written by most Sahara watchers before it is even published.

The Western Sahara Conflict: Questioning Identity Politics and the Prospects for a Realistic Solution

Colonial legacies, more exceptionally the inherited colonial border adjustments of postcolonial States, have sowed the seeds of instability in Africa and elsewhere.

Western Sahara: South African Foreign Affairs Ministry' s Headlong Rush to Disrupt the UN Process

I was flabbergasted when I read Mr.

Western Sahara Referendum: A Question for the Polisario

Despite a renewed emphasis in the Security Council on the need for the Parties to be “realistic” and willing to “compromise” in order to achieve a “mutually acceptable political solution” to the problem in Western Sahara, the Polisario has remained stubbornly intractable on its core position.

Western Sahara: Realistic

Ever since Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and Peter van Walsum submitted his final report to the Security Council as the Secretary General’s Personal Envoy, there has been an added emphasis on the word “realistic” in the search for a solution to the problem in Western Sahara.

Western Sahara: The Geneva Meeting

It appears that UN Personal Envoy Horst Kohler’s reported request that the Parties refrain from extensive comments to the media following their Geneva meeting of December 5 and 6 has largely been respected, thus far.  Little of substance has been reported. Nevertheless, there are some clues.

Geneva Sahara Meeting: Legitimate Representatives Vs Imposters

Morocco is taking part in the UN-sponsored Geneva roundtable on the Sahara (Dec.5-6) with a delegation including two top diplomats and three representatives from the Sahara region.

Western Sahara: Breaking the Logjam

So, MINURSO has been renewed for another six months and Horst Kohler will hold a meeting in Geneva in December. Does anyone expect Algeria or the Polisario to have an epiphany before gathering around the table with Morocco and Mauritania in Switzerland? Not very likely.

UNSC Resolution 2440- Plus Ca Change

On October 31, the United Nations Security Council renewed the peacekeeping mandate for its mission in Western Sahara, MINURSO, for another six months, as Washington had insisted, rather than the twelve that the Secretary General had recommended in his early October report to the Council.

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