Christopher Ross Was the Best Diplomat Algeria Ever Had in Last Forty Years (Omar Hilale)

The personal envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for the Sahara, Christopher Ross, is "the man of the past.

UNSC Stresses Pre-eminence of Moroccan Autonomy Initiative in Sahara, Extends MINURSO Mandate for a Year

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), on Friday, unanimously extended the mandate of the MINURSO until April 30th 2018, and once again stressed the pre-eminence of the Moroccan autonomy initi

UN Security Council: Take action against the Algeria backed Polisario Militias.

UN Security Council must take action against the Polisario militias who are creating further instability in the area by their bold disregard for the authority of the United Nations

Association of Families & Friends of Victims of Gdeim Izik Camp Informs UNSG of Latest Developments of Gdeim Izik Trial

The Association of the Families and Friends of Victims of Gdeim Izik Camp sent a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, to inform him of the latest developments of Gdeim

UN Report: Will Guterres Adopt a New Approach on Western Sahara

The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, released the UN’s annual report on the situation in the Western Sahara on Monday. Like every year, Moroccans had anxiously awaited the report, eager to see if it would contain recommendations in line with Morocco’s interests.

Guterres’ Report on Western Sahara Puts Polisario on the Defensive

Morocco, Algeria, the Polisario, and observers from all over the world are keeping their eyes on Antonio Guterres, the new United Nations Secretary General, to ascertain whether he will try to resolve the long-running dispute between Morocco and the Polisario regarding the Western Sahara, or whet

Ambassador Hilale Puts Down Venezuelan Counterpart at UN Headquarters

Morocco's permanent representative to the UN, ambassador Omar Hilale, has put down the ambassador of Venezuela to the United Nations during a discussion Tuesday at the UN headquarters on the financ

Polisario Flouts UN’s Decision, Stages New Illegal Checkpoint in Guerguerat

 Despite the United Nations’ continual calls for Polisario Front to extract its militias from Guerguerate, the Algerian-backed separatist movement continues to escalate its provocations.

Moroccan autonomy proposal resounds with force at UN

The Morocco-proposed autonomy initiative for the Sahara resounds with force in the annual report on Western Sahara that the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres submitted to the Security Council o

UNSG Urges Polisario to Withdraw from Guergarat Fully & Unconditionally

The United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, asked the Security Council to urge the Polisario to withdraw from the Buffer Strip in Guergarat fully and unconditionally.


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