To James Baker: Morocco’s Sahara Sovereignty Culmination of Post-Colonial Self-Determination

Dear Mr. James Baker III,

Western Sahara: Time to Stop Waiting, Part III

Algeria and the Polisario have had 13 years to accept negotiations on a framework political solution to resolve the Western Sahara problem proposed by Morocco and largely endorsed, at least verbally, as serious and credible by the international community.

Western Sahara: Pompeo Visit Signals Change in Policy?

Last week, my colleague Ed Gabriel wrote a blog commending the resolve of King Mohammed VI to not cave into alleged efforts, as reported in several press accounts, by Secretary of State Pompeo to persuade Morocco to bend its policy on Israel and Palestine to favor better prospects for Israeli Pri

Western Sahara: Testing US Policy

In diplomacy, artful ambiguity can be a useful tool, but it can also be a dangerous trap when clarity would have been the better choice.

The United States allegedly has a policy on Western Sahara, but what is it?

Western Sahara: The United States – A Reliable Ally?

This is a companion article to one, co-authored by my colleague Ed Gabriel and I, concerning recently declassified information on the history of US policy on Western Sahara which makes public, for the first time important elements of Western Sahara history that we both have direct knowledge of, b

US Reveals Former Classified Commitments to Morocco

An incredible document detailing the United States involvement in ongoing disputes over the Western Sahara has been declassified and made public by the State Department. The document outlines several key historical moments in U.S.

Why Trump is good for Morocco

It is a famous advertising line that Morocco was the first country to recognize the British American colonies (thirteen), at the heist of the American revolutionary war in 1777, which culminated in the signing of the Treaty of Marrakech (also called Treaty of Friendship) on the 28th of June 1786.

Western Sahara: “Frustration?”
The 40-year struggle between Morocco and the Algerian-backed Polisario for control of the Western Sahara: The United States has Two Choices

As someone who has closely followed the Western Sahara conflict for the past twenty years, it is apparent to me that the United States has only two choices to address the issue. Either it can maintain the status quo, as it has pretty much done since 2008 (i.e.

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