Analysis: Resolution On Hezbollah-Polisario Ties Does not Go Far Enough

A recent U.S. House Resolution acknowledges long-standing ties between the United States and Morocco, criticizes Iran for meddling in North Africa, and expresses support for Morocco’s autonomy plan – but does not propose any action steps.


Bolton Is Unlikely to Change US Position on Western Sahara

 As the UN General Assembly approaches, there have been many reports in Moroccan media concerned that Morocco’s position on Western Sahara will be threatened by the appointment of John Bolton as US national security adviser.


Western Sahara – My Introduction Story

My wife and I first arrived in Morocco in the mid summer of 1998. It was my first posting in the Arab world.

Response to “Democracy Now”

The documentary is far from being objective. With my respect for freelance journalist and journalist, this documentary is not a report but only a preconceived scenario.

On Western Sahara, John Bolton is not pro-Algeria, He is anti-MINURSO

So much has been written about John Bolton’s “pro-Algeria” positions in the Western Sahara conflict, but the facts show that President Trump’s national security adviser is more of an anti-United Nations crusader than a self-determination champion.

In Memory of John McCain, a Defender of Moroccan POWs’ Freedom

US Senator John McCain, savior of the world’s longest-held POWs—Moroccan soldiers in Tindouf, died on Saturday at the age of 81.

Western Sahara: Where is Algeria?

In 2007, shortly after Morocco tabled its initiative for autonomy to resolve the dispute in Western Sahara, David Welch, at that time the Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East, told a Con

State’s Confused Western Sahara Human Rights Reporting

The State Department is utterly confused on how to report on the subject of human rights in Western Sahara. And it has been getting progressively more confused as the years have passed.

Western Sahara –The US Congress Strikes Again While State Still Dithers

For the past five years one of Morocco’s main goals with US policymakers has been to persuade official Washington that it could advance prospects for a “mutually agreed political solution” in Western Sahara by helping them to improve the quality of life for the residents of the region and help th

When Henry Kissinger «revealed» to Spain Hassan II's plan to carry an armed attack in the Sahara

After the attempted coup in July 1971, Hassan II became suspicious of the Americans to the point that CIA agents in Morocco were unaware of the Green March project. A State Department document states that Henry Kissinger, the former United States Secretary of State, was certain that the king was planning an attack against the Sahara controlled at the time by the Spanish. Kissinger shared the information with the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs.


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